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Do you have Olympus, Pentax, Storz, Stryker, Fujinon or other manufacturers equipment to sell? Prime Medical Instruments buys flexible and rigid endoscopes and other equipment. We guarantee we will beat any competitive purchase offer and pay the most for your equipment.

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We buy used endoscopes and other medical equipment. If you have endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, surgical equipment or other medical equipment that you are no longer using we will buy it. Get cash for assets that your facility isn’t using which are depreciating more every day that goes by. Prime Medical will evaluate your equipment give you more money than anyone for it. Those funds can go towards assets that will be used to generate revenue for your facility.

Did you know…

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) sell used equipment as an absolute last resort. What they really want to do is remove it from the secondary marketplace altogether so they can control the market and maintain high profit margins. Also, did you know that many of the largest OEMs destroy thousands of dollars of trade-in equipment every year? For these reasons, OEMs typically offer “dummy” trade-in credits that are “given” in place of discounts that can usually be negotiated by your facility even without trading in your equipment. Contact us to speak with one of our consultants for more information on negotiating a better deal with the OEMs and maximizing your trade-in asset’s value.

We are buy many makes and models of endoscopes. Some, but not all makes and models that we are currently looking to purchase are:

Olympus Video Processors
CV-190, CV-180, CV-160 and CV-140

Olympus Light Sources
CLV-190, CLV-180, CLV-160, CLV-U40 and CLV-U20

Pentax Video Processors
EPK-I, EPK-1000, EPK-700, EPM-3500, EPM-3300

Olympus Video Colonoscope
CF-H190AL, CF-H180AL, CF-Q180AL, PCF-H180AL, PCF-Q180AL, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, PCF-160AL, CF-Q140 and CF-140L

Olympus Video Gastroscope
GIF-H190, GIF-H180, GIF-Q180, GIF-N180, GIF-2TH180, GIF-Q160, GIF-2T160, GIF-160, GIF-XP160, GIF-Q140 and GIF-140

Olympus Video Duodenoscope
TJF-Q180V, TJF-160VF, TJF-160F and TJF-140

Olympus Video Bronchoscopes
BF-H190, BF-Q180, BF-160, BF-P160, BF-XP160, BF-1T160, BF-3C160

Olympus Fiber Colonoscope
CF-40L, CF-30L, CF-20L, CF-P20L and PCF-20

Olympus Fiber Gastroscope
GIF-XQ40, GIF-Q40, GIF-P30, GIF-XQ30, GIF-XQ20, GIF-PQ20 and GIF-20

Olympus Fiber Bronchoscope
BF-40, BF-P40, BF-1T40, BF-3C40, BF-30, BF-P30, BF-1T30, BF3C30, BF-20, BF-P20D, BF-1T20D and BF-3C20

Olympus Fiber Rhinolaryngoscope

Olympus Fiber Cystoscopes
CYF-5A, CYF-5, CYF-4A, CYF-4 and CYF-3

Pentax Bronchoscopes
FB-15RBS, FB-18RBS, FB-15BS , FB-18BS, FB-15z, FB-15P

Pentax Gastroscopes
EG-2970K, EG-2770K, EG-2931, EG-2930K, EG-2990K, EG2790K, EG2730K

Pentax Colonoscopes
EC-3490LK, EC-3890LK, EC-3890Li, EC-3870LK, EC-3470LK, EC-3430LK, EC-3830LK , EC-3872LK

Pentax Duodenoscopes
ED-3470TK, ED-3490TK

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